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Locked yourself out? Lost your keys? Snapped your keys? Lock broken? Don't fret, we have you covered with our 24/7 service!

Lock changes, installs and upgrades.

There are many reasons to have your locks changed. If you've moved into a new place do you know who may still have keys? Friends, relatives and neighbours often have spare keys that arn't returned! (Some insurance companies wont pay out on an insurance claim if you havent changed the locks after buying a new property!)


Not only can an incorrectly fitted or faulty lock put your home and family at risk, it can also invalidate your insurance!


Do you have a faulty lock that sticks or is hard to use? It will be cheaper and less stressful to have them changed now before they cause more problems or you are unable to open the door!


Do you want a higher level of security? We can offer lock upgrades, lock installations and other products to offer a higher level of security!

Securikeyz Locksmith and Security Services Pembrokeshire.

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