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Christmas is a brilliant and magical time of year, make sure you keep it this way by ensuring Santa is the only stranger sneaking into your house! Unfortunately due to the fact that everbody is spending there hard earned money on gifts, new technology etc, this means that all across the UK the amount of burglaries increase. Below is a list of basic tips that will help keep the burglars at bay. Many people will already know all these basic things however they still dont do them!


1.) Starting with the simplest, LOCK YOUR DOORS! Many of you will be thinking well that’s obvious, however there’s an astonishing amount of people who don’t! Also, remember to double lock your uPVC doors (pull handle up before locking.) Also, if you have additional dead bolts on your wooden door, make sure you use them! An unlocked door is a Jackpot for burglar’s and to make matters worse there’s a high chance your insurance won’t pay out in the event of a claim if you haven’t locked the door!


2.) Don’t hide a spare key outside, burglars will look under plant pots, door mat’s etc. A key to your house is an invitation to a burglar! If you want to leave a spare key out, there are several inexpensive external key safes’ available!


3.) With the rise of internet shopping, more and more people are having items delivered to their homes. If you aren’t going to be home to receive your parcel, DO NOT put a note on your door saying you are not home. Empty houses can be tempting targets to burglars.

Leading on from deliveries, if you are going away for an extended period make sure your post doesn’t build up. If a burglar see’s that your post box, or letter box are filled with letters etc, not only is it advertising that you’re not home but it also increases the risk of identity theft! If you do not have a trusted person to clear your post for you the Royal Mail offer a ‘keepsafe’ service where they will keep your post for you whilst your away. Details can be found on their site here


4.) Close and secure all windows as well as doors. An open window can be irresistible to some opportunist thieves. If you have exterior decorations for your home or garden, make sure the cables are run correctly and you are not leaving a window open to run them through!


5.) Don’t leave tools and ladders laying around your garden, many opportunist burglars will not carry many tools/supplies around with them. Don’t give them the tools to break into your house. If you have a garage or shed to store them in then that’s great, however make sure you secure your outbuildings as they can also be easy targets for burglars.


6.) Don’t leave your home or car keys in sight of the letter box or windows, not only do they have access to your home but many burglars and thieves may steal your keys to be able to steal your car!


7.) Motion sensor lights are great value for money deterrent against thieves. As technology has come along motion sensor lights are now available at a great price in many stores, they also come solar or battery powered so they’re nice and easy to fit yourself!


8.) Mark your property with your postcode and house name/or number and register your property with immobilise for free. Details of Immobilise can be found here


9.) Last but not least, the good old fashioned leave a light on if you’re not going to be in for the evening. Draw your curtains so the contents of your home aren't advertised to burglars, also for a more realistic effect I would recommend leaving the TV on aswell a light.


Although these tips are basic and common knowledge remembering to do them can help ensure you won't become yet another burglary statistic.


If you would like any free quotes or advice regarding your existing locks and security, upgrading your door and window security or any other locksmith needs, please feel free to get in touch via call, text, e-mail or Facebook.


Wishing You a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!





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